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Amber industries may not be as well-known as other prefilled cartridges, but if you’re lucky enough to have access to them you’re in for a treat southwest amber carts. These are some of the tastiest prefilled cartridges on the market, and their tastiness doesn’t dampen their potency.amber cartridges



Amber Industries Carts

Amber Industries Carts, I really like Amber Industries THC cartridges. Their products are extremely potent and deliver amazing taste. So, I enjoyed trying the strawberry banana cartridge . Within a few puffs I was stoned south west amber carts. There may not be many Amber Industries reviews available online, however, they truly deserve one with their high-quality products.southwest amber carts

Design Quality: This vape cartridge has one flaw. It fails to vape all the oil it holds.

The design is similar yet unique to every other cartridge out their for extracted oils. The difference with this cartridge is its shape inside the actual cart itself. The inside has a large bottom base and becomes thin on top. There is a ceramic disc within that which vapes the oil. So, the inefficient design wastes oil amber cartridges. There may be a way to recover it if you take it apart though amber industries locations. Amber Industries Carts

Ingredients: Amber Industries uses fractional distillation to make its vape cartridges

Their website states they enhance already potent THC wax and shatter. Fractional distillation for THC is a complex separation process. Therefore, additional information about their organic lab tested solvent free carts can be found on their website here amber industries inc. There isn’t any propylene glycol and zero diluents which really gives this hash oil cart a lot of points.amber industries fake

Strength: Amber Industries has created extremely high THC cartridges

After I tried this wax cartridge out recently I fell in love with it and it has become now honestly one of my favorite cartridges because of how strong it is. So, at the moment the only other cartridge I can compare its strength with is the Brass Knuckles vape. This cartridge feels just as strong as Brass knuckles if not stronger, but with the recent development of Brass Knuckles possibly having chemicals in it, I would stick pick Amber Industries.amber industries syringe


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