Our Dispensary

Orange County Dispensary is a state of the art medical cannabis facility, featuring a Multi-Point-of-Sale system designed to optimize patient services. Whether you are a well-Medicated regular who knows exactly what strain they need and prefers the express counter, or a first-time newbie who needs a friendly hand to navigate the lingo of a complex and new experience, Orange County Dispensary employs an elite staff trained to offer the highest-quality product and service to every patient.

BE Safe with US

We have been growing organic produce (cannabis) for customers since 2008.

100% Money back

100% money back guarantee on all purchase within 7 days after complain has been made.

We Care

We requires no commitment and allows you to cancel or suspend deliveries.

Customer Review

Clarissa Wolman

Born in Belmont, CA, Kathleen attended UC Riverside where she earned her B.S. in Agriculture. She is sole proprietor and manager of the farm.

Lora Spielberg

She has commitment to build a strong financial model for farmers to connect produce directly to consumers by strategically managing our current programs.

Christopher Brown

Born on the farm in Capay, Michael showed an early proficiency in the machine shop and is responsible for designing tools used on the farm today.