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Purchase Big chief carts for sale at our shop now. Our customers can’t get enough of their high-potency oil that doesn’t skimp on flavor. The brand itself is vertically integrated and able to control every step of its process. OrangeCountyDispensaryStore primarily carries a wide selection of Big Chief’s 1G distillate cartridges.

The vape cartridges you’ll find from Big Chief represent some of the most classic and popular strains. As a brand, they truly trim the fat and get right to what you want—affordable, high-potency cannabis products. You can find their freshest drops at OCDispensary Store

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Big Chief’s Sour Tangie 1g Cart brings classic flavors with exotic twists. This strain combines Sour Diesel with Tangie’s flavorful fruit tastes. You’ll find potentially elevating highs and a cloud of flavorful smoke. The citrus notes from Sour Tangie shine through in this hybrid strain. Sour Tangie utilizes its high THC and rich terpenes and might offer a creative buzz. Big Chief brings us a unique hybrid in Sour Tangie that bursts with flavor and 78.3% THC.

Grand Daddy Purple is one of the most classic and fruity flavored indica strains that West Coast smokers love. Made popular in 2003, this famous strain is a cross between Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan. A California staple, it boasts intricate grape and berry aromas and extremely skunky overtones. Big Chief did a seamless job at recreating this celebrity strain with their premium distillate and terpenes. A few puffs might send you into a dreamy buzz that feels euphoric before bringing physical relaxation. At 80.3% THC, this is one of Big Chief’s most popular 1-gram cartridges we carry.