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Diamond OG Strain

Diamond OG is  a great choice for treating conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, depression, chronic stress or anxiety and insomnia.


Diamond OG Weed Strain

The classic OG Kush was crossed with an unidentified hybrid strain to produce the indica-dominant hybrid strain known as Diamond OG, which is 75% indica and 25% sativa. Diamond OG, so named for its stunning appearance, is the ideal strain for anyone who enjoys traditional indicas. buy Diamond OG Strain

Like its name would imply, this flower is covered in milky white crystal trichomes that are oozing with sweet sticky resin and has plenty of sparkling large heart-shaped nugs with a minty green colour, thin orange hairs, and. Aromas of spicy diesel and tart citrus are unleashed as you break apart each sparkling small nugget, and they grow more zesty as you keep smoking.

buy Diamond OG Strain

The flavors are remarkably similar, with a woody pine and fresh earthiness undertone and a sweet and sour zesty diesel overtone. A few minutes after your last exhale, you experience the Diamond OG high, which lifts your mood and fills your head with feelings of heightened happiness and mental tranquility. buy Diamond OG Strain

The next thing you’ll experience is a profound physical relaxation that will sweep over you and lull you into a state of complete ease devoid of any aches or pains and that won’t put you to sleep too much. These effects, along with Diamond OG’s high 17–22% average THC content, make it an excellent choice for treating diseases like chronic pain, muscle cramps or spasms, melancholy, persistent stress or anxiety, and sleeplessness.

What does Diamond og taste like?

An indica cannabis strain called Diamond OG is renowned for producing trichome-covered buds that glitter like diamonds. They have a citrus and pine flavor and scent, with hints of diesel and fresh dirt. buy Diamond OG Strain


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