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Durga Mata Strain

Pink Durga Mata is a 100% pure indica backcross of the infamous Super Shiva strain that was named for the Hindu Mother Goddess, the entity of truth and power.


Pink Durga Mata Strain

Buy Durga Mata Strain. A backcross of the notorious Super Shiva strain named after the Hindu Mother Goddess, the embodiment of truth and power, called Durga Mata is a wholly indica plant. Durga Mata lives up to its moniker by providing the user with enlightening effects and a tolerable, moderately high THC dosage of between 16 and 20%.

Buy Durga Mata Strain

When the high first starts, you’ll experience a strong mental stimulation that provides you swift ebbing energy and the cerebral clarity typical of a robust sativa strain. Buy Durga Mata Strain

You become couch-locked and fully relaxed as a result of this, which is accompanied by a powerful bodily relaxation.

Physical inactivity combined with cerebral activity makes you talkative and philosophical, encouraging in-depth conversations with others around you and promoting serious introspective reflection. Buy Durga Mata Strain

Durga Mata is excellent for healing minor cases of melancholy, weariness, chronic pain, and paranoia because to these surprisingly potent properties. Durga Mata buds have tall, tapered neon green nugs with striking dark purple overtones, a thick covering of blazing orange, bright red, and deep blue hairs, and eye-catching dark purple leaves. Buy Durga Mata Strain

Each nug is covered in a thick covering of milky trichomes that are sand-colored and has a little coating of sticky resin. Durga Mata tastes just as good as it looks, with a spicy herbal fruit aroma, a savory taste of spicy sweet fruit, and a herbal tea aftertaste. Buy Durga Mata Strain

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