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Green Crack Strain

This strain spurs creativity and helps patients get things done. It’s most effective in treating anxiety and depression, along with ADHD, PTSD, and migraines. Green Crack has a sweet flavor with tropical and citrus notes.


Green Crack Strain

Buy Green Crack Strain. The sativa-dominant hybrid Green Crack, a longtime favorite, was created by inbreeding Skunk #1. Although Green Crack tends to be sativa-dominant, there is also a less common indica-dominant strain. Snoop Dogg gave Green Crack its name, while smokers who prefer not to mention cocaine also call to it as Green Cush or simply Cush. Buy Green Crack Strain

Buy Green Crack Strain

Top THC concentrations of this extremely dependable strain reach 24%. It contains a 65:35 sativa to indica ratio. The high is unmistakably cerebral and comes with a strong mood lift and a burst of energy. Patients who take this strain experience increased creativity and productivity. It works best for treating depression and anxiety, as well as ADHD, PTSD, and migraines. Buy Green Crack Strain

A sweet flavor with citrus and tropical undertones characterizes Green Crack. The buds are compact and close. Dry mouth is a frequent symptom, although dry eyes, vertigo, and paranoia are less frequent. The Pacific Northwester, California, Arizona, and Colorado are where it is most prevalent. However, it can be easily located practically everywhere else. For this reason, it’s one of the most well-known strains on the underground market.

How does Green Crack Strain make you feel?

Only taking Green Crack in the morning is advised because of how well it works at boosting your energy levels. Drinking in the late afternoon can keep you up long past your bedtime. The main benefits of green crack are that they lessen stress, depression, and weariness. Buy Green Crack Strain

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