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Psilocybe semilanceata, also known as Liberty Caps, are considered the most widespread naturally growing psilocybin mushroom in the world, according to Psilopedia


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buy Liberty Caps mushrooms. Psilopedia states that Psilocybe semilanceata, often known as Liberty Caps, is the most widely distributed naturally growing psilocybin mushroom in the world. In addition, tests conducted in 1997 by German chemist and mycologist Paul Stamets and Jochen Gartz revealed that they were also the third most effective. buy Liberty Caps mushrooms

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The first psilocybin mushroom native to Europe to be properly recognized was P. semilanceata, which was discovered in 1838. In London, 1799, a family reportedly picked and ate wild mushrooms growing in Green Park, which reportedly caused one son to laugh uncontrollably, the father to think he was going to die, and the majority of family members to experience vertigo.

buy Liberty Caps mushrooms

This species is still wildly popular and abundant, especially in England, where the first report of a family tripping out on them appeared in print. Order Liberty Caps Online

How many liberty caps does it take to trip?

A full dose would be 20 to 30 liberty caps, however only one or a portion of a large fly agaric would be needed. buy Psilocybe semilanceata online

How long does a Liberty Cap trip last? | Order Liberty Caps Online

9 hours. The effects of liberty caps might differ according on the user’s mood, the environment, and their expectations. They are comparable to the effects of a low dose of LSD. Depending on the dosage, effects start to take effect after about a half-hour and can last for up to nine hours. buy Liberty Caps mushrooms

Are liberty caps stronger when dried? | Order Liberty Caps Online

Psilocin-based mushrooms’ strength (drug content) is only marginally decreased by drying; on the contrary, Fly Agaric mushrooms get stronger (and less toxic). Psilocybe semilanceata Near me

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