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Buy Psilocybe Mexicana Online. A hallucinogenic fungus is called Psilocybe mexicana. Over 2,000 years ago, the indigenous people of Central and North America used it for the first time. Teotl (“god”) and nanácatl (“fungus”) are Nahuatl terms that were known as “teonanácatl” by the Aztecs. French botanist Roger Heim classified this species.

What is Psilocybe Mexicana? | buy Psilocybe Mexicana Online

Psilocybe Mexicana is a psychedelic mushroom which was known to be used by the natives of Central America and North America over 2,000 years ago. The native Aztecs referred to P. mexicana and other magic mushrooms as “teonanacatl,” which roughly translates to “flesh of the gods.”

What Does Psilocybe Mexicana Look Like? | buy Psilocybe Mexicana Online

The cap of a mexicana is conic, 1-2 cm in diameter, and has a little, projecting tip in the middle. The cap is initially an ocherous brown tint, but as it ages, it changes to a straw color, occasionally with faint bluish or greenish undertones that show the areas where it may have been handled. Under the cap, there are gray to purple-brown gills with white margins.

This goes down toward the stipe, or stem, which can range in height from 4 to 10 cm. Where there is damage, it gets darker. Mexicana produces spore prints that are dark purple-brown and has a strong, starchy flavor.

Sclerotia, a dormant form of the organism below the ground, can also be produced by it. It resembles a subterranean mushroom in essence. It offers defense against wildfires and other calamities. buy Psilocybe Mexicana Online

How to Grow Psilocybe mexicana | Where to Grow Psilocybe mexicana

In the wild, Psilocybe mexicana produces fruiting bodies from May to October. Roadsides, pathways, meadows, cornfields, and the grassy regions surrounding deciduous forests are all suitable places for these mushrooms to grow alone or in small groups among moss.

Psilocybe Mexicana Effects |buy Psilocybe Mexicana Online

Because it is one of the mildest psychedelic mushrooms on the planet, Psilocybe mexicana is ideal for novices. At a dose of 5 grams, the effects of fresh magic truffles become apparent, but they are not strong.

A medium trip begins at 10 grams and progresses to a mind-blowing, strong experience at 15 grams. You can always eat more truffles if you feel like you need to get more out of your P. mexicana experience. You can relax knowing that psilocybin from truffles and magic mushrooms doesn’t result in a physical addiction, dependence, or overdose.

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You are sure to have a pleasant, euphoric experience if you consume Truffle Magic’s Psilocybe mexicana truffle variation. It’s manageable for a novice to have a nice time with friends.

Where to buy Psilocybe Mexicana | buy Psilocybe Mexicana Online

Buy the highest quality magic truffles or mushrooms right here at Orange County Dispensary store and enjoy the best quality dried psilocybe Mexicana shrooms.

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