Packman disposable peachy nerdz cart flavor 2000mg. Order pac man peachy nerdz live resin liquid diamonds from our store near you: Cincinnati OH, Nashville TN, Las Vegas NV, El Paso TX and many other States.

Flavor: peaches, pie, dessert, candy, citrus, spice, sweet, tang, floral.

Effect: couch lock, body high, giggles, calm, numbness.


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Packman disposable peachy nerdz live resin liquid diamonds for sale. Pac Man Peachy Nerdz Just saying the name you can taste the explosion. Fruit candy and gas come together to manifest into this mouth watering bold blend. A strong indica blend that will knock you on your ass and have you on couch lock. Peach cobbler dessert mixed with peach rings and nerdz candy with cannabis undertones subtly dominating. This profile is not to be take lightly and smoke for one’s who have no plans over the next few hours. Work or being in a creative space will be difficult. Through hints of floral and candy it is no question it will be your very own dessert for when the day is done

Packman Peachy Nerdz Disposable

Packman peachy nerdz is an upbeat and playful flavor from packman that is always guarantee to leave you in a good mood. This flavor comes from the nerdz strain. The nerdz strain is an evenly balance hybrid that grew in popularity in 2022 among the younger generation. This strain has a reputation of inducing creativity and this flavor is no different. This flavor has tend out to be one of the most in demand due to its effects. Packman like many other top disposables focuses on not only the design but also the quality of our products.

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