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Sundae Driver Strain

sundae driver marijuana strain– a magnificent hybrid cross of Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie. buy Sundae Driver cannabis strain has sweet undertones and very dense buds with red, purple and blue hues. sundae driver tin This strain has been known to leave it’s user feeling calm and happy. sundae driver strain review


Sundae Driver Strain

buy Sundae Driver Strain, A fantastic hybrid strain called Fruity Pebbles X Grape Pie was crossed to create Sundae Driver, a strain that is equally balanced (50 percent indica, 50 percent sativa). This lovely flower will make you fall head over heels in love if you enjoy chocolate sundaes. Sundae Driver has a lovely, creamy chocolate flavor with a fruity, lightly sweet inhalation.

buy Sundae Driver Strain

The aroma is of fresh dirt and delicious grape candies with a rich, sometimes a little chocolately overtone. The Sundae Driver high is as delightful as the flavor, with a calming and uplifting high that will have you kicking back in comfort after just a few puffs. buy Sundae Driver Strain

You’ll notice an initial rush of exhilaration that transforms your mental state into one of joyous bliss. As your mind soars higher, your body will gradually decline into an extremely relaxed state, and you will eventually fall asleep. buy Sundae Driver Strain

Because of these effects and its low 14–16% average THC content, Sundae Driver is widely used to treat people with diseases like chronic stress or anxiety, sleeplessness, PTSD, depression, and chronic pain. Small white crystal trichomes and grape-shaped olive green nugs with intense purple undertones may be found on this bud. It has tiny reddish-orange hairs as well. buy Sundae Driver Strain

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