Iron Tree Prerolls

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Iron Tree Prerolls ( Min Order 20)

1.5g pre-rolls filled with hybrid OG-base flower, painted with distillate oil, dusted in golden kief, and cured in natural terpenes for a perfect hint of flavor.


Iron Tree Prerolls

1.5g pre-rolls filled with hybrid OG-base flower, painted with distillate oil, dusted in golden kief, and cured in natural terpenes for a perfect hint of flavor. Iron Tree Prerolls ( Min Order 20), Iron Tree offers a simplified approach when it comes to deciding which pre-roll is best suited for you. 1.6g of OG-based flower, painted with ultra-refined distillate oil, dusted in golden kief with smooth, subtle flavoring.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis consumer or a curious newcomer the Iron Tree pre-rolls will fit anyone’s flavor and tolerance palatte. From the easy-light flat-tips to the customized easy-share mouth piece, these pre-rolls are designed with YOU in mind.

The team at Iron Tree all have extensive backgrounds in product development and recognized that cannabis consumers were looking for more simplicity in their offerings. Through months of trial and error they found the perfect balance with the Iron Tree pre-rolls as something people could see on the shelves and know exactly what they were getting – a quality pre-roll with quality effects.

Iron Tree is highly motivated by the injustices served to victims of the destructive war on cannabis. We want to be a part of the change by dedicating portions of our proceeds of each sale to fighting these unjust convictions on behalf of eligible, nonviolent marijuana offenders. Together, we are righting the wrongs of yesterday.


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